Adoption Awareness Month

Hello everyone!
Happy November! We are excited about this month because it is adoption awareness month AND adoption is something we are very passionate about! God used foster care + adoption to build our family, stretch and grow our faith in ways we could never have imagined. 

My dear friend and I are sharing resources, information and stories all month long in hopes to bring awareness, advocate, and start conversations with people everywhere who are interested in adoption. We created a Facebook page called Celebrate Adoption as an avenue to help connect people and spread the word.  Go visit our page and like it to get involved. 

Right now there are currently over 100,000 children awaiting adoption in the United States. That number represents children without families, children that are just waiting for someone to step in and say yes. There are also roughly 400,000 children in foster care, meaning guardianship belongs to the state, but temporary foster families are needed.
This is heart breaking. Our reality is that there are two children in our home right now who were a part of that overwhelming number. Two children who are beautiful image bearers of Christ, complete with kinky curls and gorgeous blue green eyes. Two children who have joined our family and now share our last name. And oh how we are thankful for each of them.
How does this information hit you? Are you being prompted to ask questions, seek counsel and get more information?
We are here. We want to invite you into this conversation, we want to draw you into the story of adoption. We want to connect you with professionals, equip you with resources, answer your questions, pray with you. Our hands are open. 
There are many things to consider; international adoption, domestic adoption, private adoption, foster to adopt and even becoming a CASA (court appointed special advocate) volunteer.
So maybe you’ve been thinking of opening your home and your heart to a child. Maybe you don't know where to begin. A conversation is a great place to start and maybe that conversation begins today.

Adoption + Foster Care Statistics
November 13th- Orphan Sunday

November 15th- World adoption day

November 19th-National adoption day